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Email Management: How to Change a Mailbox Password

  1. Log in to your Domains Dashboard.
    Login to your Domains Dashboard
  2. On the dashboard, select the domain where your email address is situated.
    There are two views in the Domains dashboard - the Card and List views. Click on the view icons to switch to your preferred view. 
    Card View, click Manage
  3. Choose the domain you wish to modify.  
    In the Card view, click the domain's Manage button.

    Domain Dashboard - Card View

    In List view, click the domain or its gear icon on the right-hand side.

    Domain Dashboard - List View

  4. On the left pane, click Standard under Email Management.
    click Standard under Email Management
  5. From your standard email address accounts list, click on the three-dot menu of the mailbox you want to change the password on.
    click on the three-dot menu of the mailbox you want to change the password on
  6. Then, select Settings.
    Select Settings
  7. A Settings window will appear. Click on the Change password tab.
    Settings window
  8. Type in your new password in both New Password and Confirm Password text boxes.
    Type and confirm you New Password
    Important: Your new password must be at least 8 characters in length and must contain at least one number, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter. 
  9. Click on the Change Password button to save your changes.
    click the Change Password button
    Just in case that you are being routed to an old control panel, go to Mail Central > choose the email address you want to view > click Basic Info > Change Password.
    Card and List view

    If you are an end-user only of the email and don't have access to the Domains Dashboard, feel free to contact the Account Administrator.
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    I Forgot My Mailbox Password. How Do I Retrieve It?

    There is no way to retrieve a mailbox's existing password. If you have forgotten your mailbox password, use the steps provided in this article to change your password.